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June 19, 2014

We have puppies!

I'm going to go ahead and completely ignore the fact that I haven't updated the blog in almost two years... :D

Our red Akita female Tuuli (Candida's Non-Stop Song) was bred to a beautiful white male Neo (Go Harukos Akihito Yuki), and their litter was whelped today! We now have two red males and two red females available, if you're interested, please contact us!

Tuuli has been extensively health checked with great results: she has clear eyes, knees, elbows, back and heart, and her hips have been graded B (good). Neo has clear eyes and knees and an excellent hip score.

The litter's pedigree and photos of the dam and sire can be found on our website.

October 18, 2012

Candida's Brand New

This charming little guy is still looking for a home!

Tämä hurmaava pieni poika etsii vielä omaa kotiaan! Benji on erittäin reipas ja lupaava, nyt 12-viikkoinen black & tan -värinen urospentu. Se on rokotettu kertaalleen, ja on tottunut ihmisten ja koirien vilinään ja elämään kaupungissa. Pentueen sukutaulun ja tiedot vanhemmista löydät osoitteesta

Jos voisit kuvitella olevasi kiinnostunut tarjoamaan tälle poikalapselle hyvän kodin, ota yhteyttä Annaan (anna[at] tai Merjaan (candidas[at] tai 0400-716826)!

Edit 24.10.2012: Pojalle on löytynyt koti :)

August 28, 2012


I finally got my camera back in working order, so today we groomed the puppies and took some pictures! So may I present our 5-week-old litter of four:

Candida's Brand New "Benji" (now "Eino"):

Candida's Beat It "Bette" (now "Helmi"):

Candida's Be Mine "Bea" (now "Jade"):

Candida's Bring It "Betsy" (now "Donna"):

August 26, 2012

Kokkola INT

A lot has happened this summer, that I haven't gotten around to blog about. Like the fact that we now have puppies! But more about that later, after I get my camera working again. Right now I'd like to tell you about the international show in Kokkola this summer.

We headed out to Kokkola July 7th, with a whole bunch of Akitas to be judged by Mr. Pekka Teini from Finland. With us we had Huurre (Candida's Attention Please), Utu (C's Aurora Borealis), Roku (C's Name of the Game), Tuuli (C's Non-Stop Song) and Lumi (C's October Opal).

Huurre did quite well at his first official show, he got a Very Good and won his class.

Candida's Attention Please "Huurre"

Tuuli also got a Very Good and won her class. She and I had very different opinions on how a dog should behave in the show ring... She won :D

Candida's Non-Stop Song "Tuuli"

Lumi got an Excellent, CQ, won the Champion class and was placed 3rd Best Female. Unfortunately we were a little too short-staffed to get any pictures of her from this show.

Utu got an Excellent, CQ, won the Junior class, was placed Best Female and finally Best of Opposite Sex with CAC! For some reason all the shots of her turned out to be horribly overexposed :(

Candida's Aurora Borealis "Utu"

Roku, finally, blew it out of the park with his performance! He got an Excellent, CQ, won the Intermediate class, was placed Best Male and won Best of Breed with CAC and CACIB!

Candida's Name of the Game "Roku"
BOB Candida's Name of the Game & BOS Candida's Aurora Borealis

And as if all this success wasn't enough for one day, I also had the pleasure of showing my very first breeder's class! Unfortunately, once again, too many hands were needed inside the ring, and none were left free to take a picture. Kennel Candida's ended up getting an Honorary Prize, and was deemed the Best Breeder's Group of the Breed.

This has definitely been one of my proudest moments yet, and all the thanks go to the owners of Candida's Akitas, for taking such good care of them!

June 27, 2012

Helsinki & Kotka INT

June 16th was a very hot summer day. So we, of course, were at an international all breed dog show in Helsinki. With us we had Lumi (Candida's October Opal), who had just dropped all of her coat and looked like a street mutt, and Lumi's daughter Usva (Candida's August Surprise) for whom this was the very first performance in an official show ring.

Our judge, Elena Agafonova from Russia, placed Lumi 2nd in the champion class with an excellent critique. Usva in turn did incredibly well at her first show. She won the junior class, but lost the title of Best Junior of Breed to charming "Sparta", Cazador Grande de Alce. Usva was then placed 2nd Best Female and got her first CAC!

Lumi, our little jackal
"Usva" Candida's August Surprise
BJOB Cazador Grande de Alce & BJOS Candida's August Surprise

June 17th, on the other hand, was an extremely rainy summer day. So once again, we obviously headed out to another international all breed dog show, this time in Kotka. Lumi was entered, but as she was obviously not in the best show condition, we decided to leave her home that day. We did take Lumi's other daughter, "Utu" (Candida's Aurora Borealis) with us. And she sure delivered. She charmed our judge, Annukka Paloheimo, all the way up to Best Female, won her first CAC, but lost BOB to gorgeous male "Marski" Hiro Go di Casa Saporito. Which was exactly what we were hoping for, as we didn't much feel like waiting for the group rings in the pouring rain :D Congratulations to Marski's owner! As it was raining quite a bit during the ring, here's all the photos we have:

BOB Hiro Go di Casa Saporito & BOS Candida's Aurora Borealis
Utu, dried up and indoors :)

June 25, 2012

Puppy news!

Aida (Exclamation Rose Kiss) was bred to Moriz (Candida's Moody Blues) this spring. We didn't want to announce it too early, because the last time we tried this mating, we didn't get a single puppy. But we were hopeful and wanted to try again, and this time we had more luck. Aida had her ultrasound today, and we are definitely expecting at least four puppies in late July!

Parents to be, ungroomed and oh so charming :D
To see this litter's pedigree and find our contact information, head to our website!

June 8, 2012

Hamina & Tampere INT

Apparently I forgot to publish this... :D

A few weeks back we entered two international dog shows in Southern Finland with our Akitas. Hamina INT was on Saturday, and our judge for the day was Mr. Harto Stockmari from Finland. Routa (Razmus Akai Oujisama Go) was placed Best Puppy of the Breed, and Usva (Candida's August Surprise), who made her show debut, was Best Puppy of the Opposite Sex. They both received excellent critiques. Lumi (Candida's October Opal) was placed Best of Opposite Sex. Thanks to Salla Huohvanainen once more for handling Usva on such short notice!

BPOB Razmus Akai Oujisama Go

BPOS Candida's August Surprise

Candida's August Surprise

BPOS and BPOB with our judge, Harto Stockmari

BOS Candida's October Opal

Candida's October Opal

BOB Viribus Unitis Uma Goten & BOS Candida's October Opal

On Sunday it was time to head to Tampere INT with Routa, Utu (Candida's Aurora Borealis), Lumi and Roku (Candida's Name of the Game). Judging Akitas was Mr. Tomas Rohlin from Denmark. He placed Routa as Best Puppy of the Breed again, leaving Utu Best Puppy of the Opposite Sex. Roku got an excellent critique and won the intermediate class. Lumi was handled beautifully by Nyyti Halme (thank you!) and placed 4th Best Female. I also got to handle Akita Pandayan Axuki to BOS and last CAC for her Finnish Championship, and Shiba Yukiguni No Akisamekou to BPOB. Congratulations for both are in order to owner Riina Haapakallio!

BPOB Razmus Akai Oujisama Go

Razmus Akai Oujisama Go

BPOS Candida's Aurora Borealis

Candida's Aurora Borealis

BPOB & BPOS with judge Tomas Rohlin

Candida's Name of the Game

Candida's Name of the Game

Candida's October Opal

Candida's October Opal

BOS Pandayan Axuki & BOS Kohaku Halne Wzgórze